IPL offers a widely diversified service for companies requiring hydrocarbon, petrochemical, environmental and analytical testing.

Our expertise, leading edge technology and wide range of services enables us to meet our customers’ needs from the basic up to the most specialised testing requirements. All testing services are available locally, at very competitive prices and with fast turn-around times without compromising the quality of results provided. Below is a brief overview of the services we can deliver: 

• Petroleum products: We provide full testing services on the following samples: Crude oils, Naphtha, Diesel, Aviation fuels- both Jet A-1 and Avgas, Petrol, Fuel Oil, Asphalt and Bitumen. IPL also offers testing of other petrochemical-based products. We are now able to meet the specific needs of Upstream (exploration stage) and Downstream (refining stage) fuels in the petrochemical industry. 

• Biofuels testing: “Biofuel Testing New Zealand”, a division of IPL, is dedicated to testing Biofuels, including blends, to New Zealand Engine Fuel Specifications Regulations (EFSR) 2011.

• Chemical Testing: IPL can analyse a wide variety of chemicals such as different fire fighting foams. 

• Contamination/Purity Testing: IPL’s expert staff can assist with problem solving analysis on a wide variety of substances. We can use a range of instrumentation to identify, for example, contamination, or to assess the purity of a substance. 

• Environmental Testing: The Environmental division at IPL offers a range of testing services, including water quality and effluent water analysis. 

• Training: IPL offers a range of specific test method auditing and training, Health and Safety and HSNO training tailored for laboratories and Terminal facilities in New Zealand and the South West Pacific. “Train the Trainer” courses are also available on request to ensure your in-house training is effective and efficient. 

• Calibration & Maintenance Services: Calibration services are offered on a wide range of laboratory equipment. A repair and maintenance service is also available to ensure your equipment is performing at its best.

• Mercury: IPL is one of the only laboratories in New Zealand which can currently test for mercury down to parts per trillion. Using the latest technology, we have the ability to measure mercury in condensate and other liquid or solid hydrocarbons to meet your requirements.

 • Laboratory Management: IPL can manage all or part of your laboratory operations to meet your industry requirements and quality standards.

Latest News

Bio-oils and Bio-crudes analysis

IPL is a participating lab in the IEA Bioenergy Task 34 analytical Round Robin and will be analysing bio-oils and bio-crudes. 
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Trace Mercury Analysis

IPL provides Trace Mercury Analysis. Monitoring Mercury levels can help avoid significant cost linked to equipment failure and help ensure that exposure levels are minimised. To find out more about our expertise, view our video.
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IPL Community Philosophy

So proud to share with you IPL's Community Philosophy. More to come shortly on IPL's Community Team first initiatives:
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