Jet Fuel testing

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Learning about Sciences through experiments

Today was the first day of a 2 day programme with kids from 3 local schools located in the Bream Bay area. This is an initiative developed by IPL’s Community Team in collaboration with One Tree Point School, Ruakaka Primary and Waipu Primary. We had the pleasure to teach 24 very keen and inquisitive kids that were part of the Northpine Champion enrichment group. 
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2018 Central Northland Science Fair

IPL helped judge the Central Northland Science Fair held at Forum North yesterday. 
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Testing for Performance Specification of Asphalt Binders (M1-A)

IPL has worked with NZTA, suppliers and customers to gain a good understanding of this new specification and have expanded their Bitumen testing capabilities to meet the suppliers and customers M1-A testing requirements.

The M1-A specification sets out the performance characteristics to be met by the binders used for asphalt manufacture. It supersedes the previous M1 specification which was based around the measurement of penetration and basic viscosity. Premature shoving and rutting of our roads has shown that these measures are insufficient to ensure asphalt performance in heavy traffic and high temperature conditions hence the decision to adopt the performance based M1-A specifications.

The M1-A performance specification of asphalt binders sets out four different performance levels which will vary depending on the traffic level and the traffic speed range. The specification addresses the need to predict binder performance in asphalt, therefore lowering the risk of premature ageing of our roads.


IPL attended rheology training and planning to allow for the development of bitumen testing to M1-A specifications. The Northland lab was also refurbished to convert existing lab space to house the equipment, HSNO and testing requirements set out by the test methods. Analysis to M1-A testing requirements began on the 1st of July 2018. The testing provided by IPL is part of our customers’ Quality Assurance plan to ensure that the bitumen manufactured or imported into NZ complies with the M1-A specs. The testing developed includes:

- ASTM D2872 - Rolling Thin Film Over Test

- AASHTO T315 - Rheology of Asphalt and Bitumen by DSR

- AASHTO T350 - Dynamic Shear Rheometer
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Sustainable Coastlines: Valuable Workshop for IPL's Community Team

Just about every week the media have a storyline on the issues surrounding single use plastic. This is of particular interest for IPL’s Community Team and we thought we’d get the experts of Sustainable Coastlines to come into our workplace and put our team through their workshop. 
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Latest News

Aviation Fuels & Technology Forum

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Laboratory Technician position (Taranaki) - fixed role, 12 months

We are looking for an experienced, talented, enthusiastic and positive thinking laboratory Technician that is prepared to contribute to the IPL team in our New Plymouth lab - Fixed role (12 months). If you are interested in this position view the full job opportunity here.
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Jet Fuel testing

See our latest newsletter featuring our Jet Fuel testing expertise. Read More