IPL sits in on the ISO International Review Group for Liquid Biofuels

IPL has become a member of New Zealand’s International Review Group (IRG) for the ISO Technical Committee TC28 SC7 Liquid Biofuels.

As a member of the IRG group, IPL will be able to advise, discuss and evaluate proposed changes at a technical level in the group meetings.  Being part of an international group of experts will allow IPL to access the latest Intel in terms of how the international Biofuels test methods are advancing.  

As the main Biofuels testing laboratory in NZ, IPL has put forward Ivor Reyes as a representative of the International Review Group. As IPL’s Biofuels focal point, Ivor has worked towards developing the full range of Biofuels testing (as per the Regulations), lead the IANZ accreditation process of the Biofuels test methods and trained lab technicians locally and internationally to develop their Biofuels’ knowledge.

Ivor’s knowledge and experience with regards to Biofuels testing will be an asset to this national group and we look forward to participating alongside other national and international specialists.

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Exciting week ahead!

Busy week at IPL! We have staff away in Wellington for Terminal Training, in New Plymouth for the NZ Petroleum Club and 2 audits are scheduled for the Northland lab (IANZ & HSNO). 
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Solid Biofuel - Heavy Metals and Hg Analysis

The determination of heavy metals can be helpful to predict potential contamination caused by combustion of the biofuel. If ashes are to be put back in the forest as fertiliser, it’s important to be aware of those elements that can be harmful to the environment. Regular checks can be useful to help identify purity of the product.

IPL can test your solid biofuel by ICP for Arsenic, Boron, Chromium, Copper, Lead and Zinc and uses its DMA to quantify Mercury to a sensitivity of 20ppt (ng/kg)

Although these test currently aren’t part of the Technical Guide for standard testing methods for solid biofuels, they help assess the quality and purity of the solid biofuel.

If you wish to include as part of your quality assurance testing schedule, please contact us.
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The right testing at the right time

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